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11 Apr 2012

All About Pisces (Part 1)

  • Pisces personality tends to be kind, loving, and tolerant. This arguably makes them the best lovers of the zodiac.
  • Pisces makes everyday interesting and makes life worth living.
  • The Pisces will make you feel like you met your soul mate because these lovers knows instinctively how to please you.
  • Pisces say far too much and do whatever the hell they want.
  • Pisces hates being alone but hates being with people that are not similar even more.
  • Pisces can seem so easy going you almost think they are a pushover. But that's where you are wrong.
  • If a Pisces has been burned before, it's going to take effort to win them over.
  • Pisces are super nostalgic. A familiar song or smell, will always bring a Pisces right back.
  • Pisces cry over dead animals in the road but feel no remorse about mowing down humans they don't like.
  • Pisces are highly sensitive and emotional..their mood can change in the blink of an eye.
  • Many men will try to wife up a female Pisces because she is a 100% woman.
  • Pisces have a charm that never fades with age.
  • Pisces will always forgive you. It will follow an intense cold shoulder attack.
  • Pisces always gives more than they get.
  • FYI Pisces have mood swings.
  • Pisces tend to be more concerned with other peoples problems then their own. Not because they are nosy, but because they care.
  • Pisces never expect anything in return, but always appreciate it if it's given.
  • Pisces are generous, emotional, receptive, affectionate, and honest.
  • Pisces are faithful, loyal, doting lovers.
  • Pisces are crazzzzzy and if you allow it they will amazzzzze thee.
  • Pisces are sensitive, intuitive and sympathetic. If you need a hug, they give the best hugs.
  • Don't try lying to a Pisces. They may act like they believe you but they don't.
  • If a Pisces is giving you 100%, and you're only giving 50%, prepare for conflict. All or nothing.
  • Pisces is the hardest to pin down.
  • Pisces will light up your life with passion and romance.
  • Pisces are good at pretending innocence when in fact they are guilty as hell!
  • Pisces are natural born actors/actresses. You may never know they are hiding something until they choose to reveal it.
  • Pisces have a loving personality that shines.
  • Pisces come off as shy, but that all ends once the party starts.
  • A Pisces female will stand by her man.
  • Pisces want someone who understands and needs them.
  • Pisces are the most loving and caring of the signs.
  • Pisces may seem quiet but mess with them and their water will boil.
  • Pisces prefer lovers who are also friends.
  • Pisces follow their heart, not their mind.
  • Pisces makes excellent lovers.

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IFA Athirah said...

what about gemini? ^_^

Si.Gadis.Pisces said...

ooo..gemini tak sempat carik la ifa..
hanya carik pisces aje..hehehe